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aleatorydesign asked: Hi, I really like your blog, i think that you've done a great job. If you have time, please check out my blog :)

Thanks! Will do :) sorry for the late reply

serena-grace asked: H,i my name is Serena too I am thinking of pursuing interior architecture in college. I was wondering if this is your work?

Hey sorry for the late reply no this is not my work these are pictures I find from all over the place and post them here


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bigbird399-deactivated20121220 asked: Amazing blog! I love the depth of your posts! Please check out my blog if you get a chance!

Thank you ! I’m now following your tumblr. :) - Serena

architectureland asked: Hi,how are you? Your tumblr is awesome. I have a tumblr about architecture and interior too,if possible you could take a look and follow mine if you want. Thank you and have a great day.

Thank you ! I’m now following you. Nice blog ! - Serena

am-halcyon asked: omg can i just reblog your entire blog. it's so beautiful.

Thank youu :D And feel free to do so ! - Serena